Pasquale Jones


187 MULBERRY ST. NEW YORK, NY 10012 Charlie Bird partners, Ryan Hardy and Robert Bohr recently expanded their hospitality brand to a new space on the historic corner of Mulberry and Kenmare called Pasquale Jones. Along with newest partner and Wine Director Grant Reynolds, the group’s 50-seat space features wood-fired food from twin Stefano Ferrara brick ovens handmade in Naples, Italy. One oven is fired up to 900F degrees for ‘Neo-NY style pizzas,’ while the other roasts seasonal vegetables, pork shanks and thick dry-aged steaks at 450F degrees with olive tree and grape vine cuttings. Cooking alongside Chef Ryan Hardy in the kitchen is Chef Tim Caspare, formerly of Quince and Cotogna in San Francisco, whose talents in handmade Italian cooking stem from the years he lived in Perugia, Umbria.


Similar to Charlie Bird, the exceptionally delicate Zalto stemware appears along with a French and Italian focused wine list curated by Grant Reynolds. Although the hundred bottle selection is slightly smaller than the Charlie Bird list, the moderately priced collection is no less star studded. The Pasquale Jones soundtrack is the perfect follow-up to the highly lauded-music line up at Charlie Bird, focusing on funk and early hip-hop. Pasquale Jones lives at 187 Mulberry Street and is open for dinner Tuesdays-Sundays starting at 5:30pm.