Shape House x Magma Global

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Magma Global is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Shape House!

Established in 2012, Shape House is a hub that was created with you in mind. A place for life travelers, great thinkers, mothers, spiritual journeyers, health seekers, and above all else, people. Any people. Because beneath it all, we all sweat the same.

Shape House is the first and only Urban Sweat LodgeTM, where ancient tradition and modern wellness meet to burn calories, deepen sleep, improve skin, lift moods, and change lives.

FAR infrared blankets provide a radiant form of natural energy that cannot be seen, but can be felt as a nourishing heat that safely penetrates the skin to increase core-body temperature. The end result is an intense, detoxifying, health-boosting sweat that helps you look and feel healthier, happier, and brighter.

You will get to recline in your own quiet, beautifully lit private area for your 55 minute sweat while you catch up on your favorite TV shows, listen to inspirational talks, music, or just meditate quietly. 

Use code magma20 for 20% off sessions! 

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