Paws Up

At the crossroads of incomparable luxury and unspoiled wilderness lies The Resort at Paws Up®. This authentic, working Montana ranch is situated in some of the most breathtaking country in the world. Here, you’ll live day to day, adventure to adventure. Spend an hour, a day or a week on horseback—all in an unforgettable wilderness sanctuary. Cast a fly in sparkling waters to eager cutthroats, explore the land Lewis & Clark swooned over or lose yourself in a world-class spa. You’ll sleep on the finest linen amidst a landscape of rustic elegance. It’s home to first-class adventure on a grand scale—and located only 35 miles away from Missoula International Airport. The Resort at Paws Up is truly The Last Best Place.


If you think Paws Up is beautiful on the outside, wait until you step indoors. The Resort’s luxury homes are enticingly private and impeccably appointed in a tapestry of rustic elegance. Indulge in an expansive Wilderness Estate or Big Timber Home, perfect for families or groups. Honeymooners can hide away in a cozier Meadow Home. Or for a true Montana experience, stay in our historic Morris Ranch House or Blackfoot River Lodge.

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