Legacy Records

On March 6, Delicious Hospitality Group, the team behind NYC’s Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones (Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds and Chef Ryan Hardy), brought their downtown expertise uptown and opened their third venture, Legacy Records

Legacy Records is the hospitality component of Henry Hall, a new residential building designed by Ken Fulk and located in NYC’s Hudson Yards neighborhood. Spanning two floors of what was formerly Legacy Recording Studios, the space is home to an 85-seat restaurant, a walk-up indoor/outdoor café, two private dining rooms, equipped with their own experiential open kitchen, and a cocktail and wine bar. Arvid Rosengren, the reigning ‘Best Sommelier in the World,’ and former Wine Director at Charlie Bird, leads the hospitality team, which also includes master mixologist Jeff Bell from PDT (Please Don’t Tell) responsible for the innovative cocktail experience at Legacy Records. As Delicious Hospitality Group operates fun, upbeat spaces with the music to match, you can expect a collection of NY-based music at Legacy Records.

517 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

517 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

Guests can expect what they love from Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones to translate into this new space: delicious and honest food, excellent wine, strong design and exceptional hospitality. Chef Ryan Hardy’s culinary program focuses on dishes that draw inspiration from the coasts, including grilled, roasted and whole fish, fresh crudos, pasta, and more. The cuisine draws influences from all over the world and the fields and farms of New York. Chef Ryan Hardy wanted to tap into the oceans that are surrounding the island of Manhattan, which explains why the menu will feature more fish and a more Mediterranean influence than Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones. Chef Hardy also draws inspiration from other parts of the world, including Northern Italy, and uses local ingredients to share what his interpretation of Italian food is with these ingredients. The constantly evolving menu, executed by Chef Henry Zamora (Quince, The French Laundry) will feature small and large plates, with elegant plating to match the refined décor.

Please reach out to Sunny@magmagt.com for reservations 

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